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 is a site is dedicated to pen’n’paper roleplaying games (RPGs). It also has a page dedicated to Gaming in the city of Edinburgh where I live. I’m Bill Heron, and I’ve been both RPG player and GM (Games Master) for over 25 years although I spend most of my time GMing these days. I also harbour delusions of being a proper games designer and author too: see below!

What are the Mandragora?

Much of this site details my creation, the Mandragora fantasy-setting race, along with a number of ideas that spun off from them. I’ve made a large amount of background material available on the site, and in the Downloads area as well. Created as a nemesis for my PCs in an AD&D game, the draconic beings have since featured in two play-by-mail games too. They were also a recurring race of villains in my Ashes of Freedom D&D campaign setting. Descended from Dragons, Mandragora possess a long life, powerful magical abilities, an arsenal of natural weaponry, and years of training and experience. The Mandragora themselves dwell on the Isle of Lonaraban, far from humanity. However, their plotting and scheming extends to Volkrania and other lands (and worlds).

The Mandragora: Ashes of Freedom RPG

As of September 2011, I’d begun planning my own RPG. The title is to be Mandragora: Ashes of Freedom. The game setting was to be one of intrigue where magic has replaced technology. I’ve been blogging about this experiment. I was planning to use the FATE system to build it as it is OGL (Open Gaming License). Unfortunately I’ve plenty of other things to get on with. For now, the Mandragora: Ashes of Freedom RPG is on hold.

What else am I up to?

I’ve got ideas percolating around for a novel featuring a city watch officer named Kayle Wynters. It will feature a Mandragora too.

Hopefully you’ll stick around and find some of the little nuggets of info useful. Not all of the articles are gaming-related. I work in IT, dabble in web design, mainly forum and CMS packages. I also enjoy cooking but don’t often have the chance to experiment.


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